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7i Hosting Services:

Web Hosting

7i Solutions has dedicated special infrastructure for its customers web-farm, with the top speed connection and the multi-processors servers with the balance loading high end systems, your webpage will blazing scream fast download on any browser, no more waiting messages on your browsers. Your audience will really feel the difference, and realize how fast is your webpage download is.

Email Hosting:

Nowadays Email messaging became a crucial part of any business, we in 7i solutions have prepared the surprise for our customers, each business customer can have the full administration rights for his email server, not only that but you can check your email from anywhere in the country.

DNS Secondary hosting:

7i Solutions can function as your secondary host in the network Solutions.


7i solutions has designed this service so that each user will be able to go online without any security holes. Our backbone is equipped with multi layer firewalls that will not allow for any security compromise.

Quality and speed:

Our clients are able to go online with minimum committed rate of at least 128kbps. We connect each user with the required Internet speed satellite connection.