7i Solutions

7i DSL Services:

DSL connection

7i Solutions is connected with the best largest DSL cloud in Saudi Arabia, in 7i Solutions we selected our equipment to be certain that the DSL connectivity to our customers will be reliable, scalable and affordable.

Zero configuration:

No more hassles configuring your DSL router or computer, all what you need to do is just enter your login and password and then you are online with the minimum efforts and time. 7i Solutions has acquired the best software to furnish our customers with the ease of use for not only our DSL services but for all of our services as well.

ADSL and vDSL:

7i Solutions has introduced to the Saudi Market and for the first time the Asynchronous Digital Subscriber line ADSL to guarantee a minimum Committed rate for our business customers, 7i Solutions has adopted this new product to give the priority to the business applications in case of lines congestions. The interesting vDSL new connection from 7i Solutions is bringing new unlimited speeds that has never been before using the regular copper wires, you can enjoy the internet with speeds that can reach to 100 Mbps utilizing this new connection.


7i solutions has designed this service so that each user will be able to go online without any security holes. Our backbone is equipped with multi layer firewalls that will not allow for any security compromise.

Quality and speed:

Our clients are able to go online with minimum committed rate of at least 128kbps. We connect each user with the required Internet speed satellite connection.