7i Solutions
  7i Solutions

7i Dialup Connection:

Surf the net faster:

With our new caching technology we enabled all our dialup users to surf the net five times faster than our competition.

Free emails:

7i Solutions dialup service comes bundled with ten email addresses of your choice, you can enjoy the rich web-enabled client to check your email from anywhere.

Free Anti Virus:

7i Solutions dialup services has been designed to enable the Anti Virus server software to penetrate through the connection to your computer and block viruses to spread through our network to or from your computer or network.


7i solutions has designed this service so that each user will be able to go online without any security holes. Our backbone is equipped with multi layer firewalls that will not allow for any security compromise.

Quality and speed:

Our clients are able to go online with minimum committed rate of at least 128kbps. We connect each user with the required Internet speed satellite connection.