7i Solutions
  7i Solutions

7i Hot Spots Internet Access Services:

High speed DSL:

7i Solutions is planting hot spots everywhere in the Kingdom, our plan in the coming three years to reach to 80,000 hot spot. So wither you are in a coffee shop a mall or in the airport, you will be able to see our access point and enjoy the High Bandwidth Internet Access.

7i solutions Free Roaming:

7i Solutions will enable all our customers to go online wireless from anywhere in the country using their login and password. They don’t have to pay for any extra charges for their Internet access. We have agreements with all property owners to have this roaming policy preserved for our clients.


Being in a public place waiting for someone, enjoying a cup of coffee, or waiting for your flight, is not a boring experience anymore, thanks to 7i Solutions hot spots that are available almost everywhere in the country. You will find it very practical to go online with high speed from just about anywhere.


7i solutions has designed the Hot-Spot service so that each user will be able to go online without any security holes. Our backbone is equipped with multi layer firewalls that will not allow for any security compromise.

Quality and speed:

Our clients are able to go online with minimum committed rate of at least 128kbps. We connect each Hot-Spot with at least 4 Mbps Internet speed VDSL connection. At the time other regular DSL is not functioning, you will find 7i Solution connection blazing scream fast.