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7i Hospital Information System:

Web-enabled HIS:

Health Information Systems have contributed in the past few years to change the definitions of numerous medical policies and procedures. What used to be done in days, is done in minutes. Convenience for physicians and medical staff in general is a must to fulfill in order for perfection and performance to be achieved. It was next to impossible to have a comprehensive HIS system without getting involved in the IT support and software development, which many health institutions are not tuned to do best. Let alone the prohibitive software licensing and support. Thanks to the broadband Internet that made it possible to have the deployment of the HIS system to be done by 7i solutions application service providing division. No more IT staff in house needed, IT activities and services are performed in the best environment by the best professionals in the IT industry.

Client Server HIS:

7i Solutions HIS system by Pheonix not only available as a web-enabled software, but it is also available as client server, which means we can deploy the HIS with full redundancy. Two comprehensive hardware infrastructure for the same HIS system is working in two different locations with full mirroring of data to make sure that the HIS will be up and running 100% of the time. That will reflect a major factor of the business continuity aspects for large hospitals and large medical institutions.


The beauty of having the HIS as an application, running with the full support and dedicated resources, is the scalability of this humongous software, in terms of the different modules deployment requirements. So if a clinic initially needs to deploy only patient registration module, doctors’ desktop module, and pharmacy module. Then they will only be using those modules, once they indicated the need for more modules, they will be immediately deployed, and so forth. That is why the system can work in a small clinic and can also work in a giant hospital; scalability is a feature that is hardly available in any other solution.


Usually HIS systems are extremely expensive and many small health organizations cannot afford buying such systems. Using this new business model we were able to deploy a very comprehensive HIS system to the smallest health organization without going beyond their financial expectations. Our charge based on per user license for each module. We found that many health organizations are in love of this new principle, and they will require more modules as they go, now HIS is affordable.

Developed by professionals who are living the HIS:

Our HIS software developers are living the HIS. Phoenix is a company that has started HIS development as a spin off IBM thirteen years ago, they started in one of the largest University Hospitals. Phoenix New Zealand CEO, Mr. Ian Bailey and his CTO Ms. Lisa Bailey have started this system after their lengthy experience in the IBM Health information Systems. Phoenix came out to be the best in the industry because of the fact that the developers are living the Health Information System rather than developing it.

ISP infrastructure:

Having 7i Solutions supporting this Application, then we are talking about top notch technology in both worlds of Hardware and Software. Add to that the top notch technology of the network infrastructure, and the huge bandwidth availability that is a must to have for an ISP of this size. 7i Solutions always wanted to be the ISP for the elite, not in terms of social levels but in terms of social requirements. The business partnership between Phoenix and 7i solutions made this huge HIS available to any health organization no matter where it is physically located.