7i Solutions
  7i Solutions

7i Dedicated leased lines:

High speed backbone:

7i Solutions is a first tier backbone of Saudi Arabia, our backbone infrastructure can take up to 1 Tbps bandwidth of our backbone. Our business partnership with Cisco systems leveraged in providing our customers with the most reliable and the fastest leased line connection not only in Saudi Arabia but in the world, we were very selective to build our backbone with the best of bread equipment and connectivity.

7i leased lines services

Distance sensitive connection can be the most feasible connection inside the metro political areas, where the Frame Relay is more feasible for across the country leased lines.

Business leased lines:

Businesses cannot afford to share the lines with others, due to the fact that no predictable traffic can be estimated at the critical business applications and times. With the new dedicated lines services from 7i Solutions redundancy is recommended by a free DSL line that will keep the business up and running in case of connectivity failures from the phone company.


7i solutions has designed this service so that each user will be able to go online without any security holes. Our backbone is equipped with multi layer firewalls that will not allow for any security compromise.

Quality and speed:

Our clients are able to go online with minimum committed rate of at least 512kbps. We connect each user with his required Internet speed connection, and we guarantee that he will never get any lower than his required speed. Our quality of service occupy the top priority at all times and with all of our customers.