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Having a secure, reliable data center environment for storing and providing your business data round the clock with 99.9% uptime is essential to a successful business. However, creating such an environment from scratch can be burdensome and too costly. Moreover, compromising on your IT infrastructure security and performance in order to create an affordable solution can cause major problems down the line.

Offers three types of co-location services. Depending on the size of data center space you need
• Server Space
• Rack Space
• Cage Space

Why companies Collocate servers

Outsourcing your data center operations to a collocation services provider is the smart thing to do in today's sharply competitive business environment.
• It Saves Time, Money And Resources
• Collocation Leaves You Free To Concentrate On Your Core Business.
• Save Your Data In Secure Environment
• Availability Of Mission Critical Applications
• 100% Power Availability

Collocation with 7iSolutions:

• State-Of-The-Art Data Center Facility Includes Diesel Power Generators, UPS, Environmental Cooling Systems, Multi-Level Security, And Pre-Action Fire Suppression Systems.
• FM200 Fire Suppression System
• Multiple Tier 1 Backbone Internet Connections Ensuring Fully Redundant Connectivity
• 24/7 CCTV And Access Control Monitored By An Onsite Security Desk
• Foolproof Security – Locked Server Cabinets, Cages And Private Suites With IP-Based CCTV Surveillance And Hand Key Access Control To All Areas
• Manageable Independent PDUs (Power Distribution Units) And Independent Breakers
• Liebert Double Conversion UPS
• Redundant Liebert Air Handling Units
• Multiple Liebert Surge Suppression Units
• SDMO Diesel Generator
• Redundant 24/7 Network & Support Staff